Painting on glass

Here are some tip and ideas for you who want to try for yourselt to paint on glass. Start with a simple drawing and colour it. When you are contented with the result, copy the mainlines and invert that sketch. Next step is to cut a piece of glass so it fit the sketch, clean it carefully, and tape all edges. Tape up the sketch along one longside. From now on when you paint on the glass you may well use thin cottongloves, because the least little greasespot appers directly.Now itīs time to consider. Because you look at the painting through the glass, you have to start painting the details first.

An eye for example, you start with the reflex, then pupil and finally iris. Which paint is suitable on glass? If you want a lasting surface, even for outdooruse, you should choose some of Dekas,Couleurs Vitrail or Ceramiques glasspaints. They are available both opaque and tranparent. The disadvantage is that they contains solvent, so you should have good ventilation where you paint. Itīs also better to paint with only a few colours at the same time and not to paint large areas. Itīs easy to daub out already painted areas unintentionally. Let dry properly off and on.




An other way to paint of, instead of with brush, is with airbrush, It´s easier to get smooth tonings and form smooth links between colours. But the price is a disadvantage if you don´t already have the requisite stuff. For the inclined I can recommend Dr Martins Spectralite paint. This acrylpaint works very well on glass because it dry very quickly, and it´s esy to clean the airbrush when the paint is waterbased.

Remember to wear a mask when you paint with airbrush. The paint drift around more than you can imagine. For masking you can use slight adhesive film (swedish friskfilm) or loose papermasks, or both. And as always.

Practice makes perfect

Hear with your local paint dealer what they can offer. Iīm only aware of the Swedish market and there I can recommend Matton, a dealer of graphic materiels. Please let me know if you have any wonderings or any point of wiew